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"These are by far the most personal and honest songs we've ever written, As It Is vocalist Patty Walters explains. "We made a conscious effort to truly push ourselves musically and lyrically, to create something that didn't feel entirely safe or calculated. We wrote songs about our families, our personal lives, and our struggles more vulnerably than ever before, hoping to encapsulate sincere moments in our lives. We feel a huge sense of pride having created this record, and we're immensely excited to share it with the world. We love and cherish you all for supporting us and giving us this opportunity."

okay. aims to bring a truly relatable and deeply personal story to the band's audience -- a conceptual world that puts listeners in the band's shoes and conveys a common realization that it's 'okay' to not be 'okay.' Working with producer Mike Green (Pierce The Veil, All Time Low), As It Is use the record to trek through intimate experiences surrounding their personal lives and everyday battles that they hope will resonate with fans in a unique way, leaving them with lasting encouragement and inspiration. 

1. Pretty Little Distance
2. okay 
3. Hey Rachel 
4. Patchwork Love 
5. Curtains Close 
6. No Way Out 
7. Soap 
8. Austen 
9. Until I Return 
10. The Coast Is Where Home Is 
11. Still Remembering 

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